Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Christmas Hell

Does anyone else go through this?  It can't be just me.  I hate that Christmas is now viewed in my head as a terrible time of year, but for me it is just one giant stress ball.  As it must be for everyone, work is a constant battle of making sure you put in a strong effort to prove worth and value so that you don't have to worry about being let go with our tight economy.  This feeling is only heightened after Christmas since it is our slow time of year, but combine that with the lack of funds left over from putting together a Christmas that my two little girls will enjoy, and my head just wants to explode.  I hate not having any money, especially at this point in my life.  I've worked hard, put my head down and just plowed forward and have done well without a degree of any type, but now with a child support payment, I am left with peanuts.  Cheap value brand peanuts, not even good Planters peanuts.  I keep telling myself its to make sure that my kids have a good home life at their mothers while away from me, but with this payment every week, I am left with nothing to give them a good life at my own place.I know that its not all about money, but when its Sunday and I just got paid Friday and its ALL gone on bills already, that's something tough to swallow.  I've never once received state funding for any type of help, and have never even asked for it before now, but now that I do need it, I am told I don't qualify because I can't claim the child support as a bill since it is taken after taxes.  To me this is a big flaw in our system.  But hey, this is just me being a whiny ass on a Sunday morning that is in desperate need of coffee and that is being taken care of right now.  Stay tuned to some new top 5's coming this afternoon.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm still quite new to blogging and have been looking for other blogs to read.  I have been clicking the "next blog" button to search out what I thought was random blogs but I keep getting sent to blogs that are either Korean, Spanish, or completely over the top Christian??  I am unaware of how this is happening but maybe I clicked a button when I signed up that said I was a trilingual bible thumper?  not that there's anything wrong with that I'm just a little rusty on my Korean right now

Saturday, January 14, 2012

All Time Favorites - My Top 5's

I always enjoy reading other peoples lists of all time favorites, whether it be movies, books, people, songs, singers, albums, whatever, I enjoy the top 5 lists.  This may be why I like the movie High Fidelity so much but who knows for sure.  With High Fidelity in mind I think I will start today with my top 5 movies, non genre specific.
5.  High Fidelity – for the simple reason that it gave me the idea to start this post, John Cusack has managed to worm one of his movies into my top 5.  Although according to him it may be disqualified for its direct referencing but fuck it.
4.  300 – If you don’t walk away from this movie wanting to grab a shield and sword you have no adrenaline in your system.  I loved what they did with the CGI and apparently I am not alone with the recent increase of similar style films.  Just plain old fun to watch.
3.  Gone in 60 Seconds – You don’t need to yell at me I am aware that it has some pretty horrendous acting in this but I fucking love to watch this flick.  And that Eleanor has one fine tail you can’t deny that.
2.  Dazed and Confused – This carries my back to my high school days in more ways than one and makes me long for the days that once were.  Once again I can’t even count the amount of times I have seen it and have quoted it but it is just a great feel good movie to me.
1.  The Big Lebowski – This is by far my all time top favorite movie.  I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have watched it let alone quoted it.  The Coan brothers outdid themselves with this gem and I firmly believe that the world would be a different place, and not for the better, if some of us had not been introduced to the Dude, Walter, and Donny.  If you haven’t seen it you need to leave right now and go and see it.  I can’t guarantee that you will like it, but you have to experience it.

This is me at Halloween

Talk amongst yourselves, I’m a little verklempt

The Standoff Is Over

I hate bills.  Yep.  All of em.  I hate them even more if the name on the top of the bill is Crapcast.  I am still confused as to how the cable industry operates and how it isn't deemed a monopoly.  It may not benefit one cable company in particular but not having any choice of carriers doesn't seem quite right either.   That being said I am not sure that there are any good ones out there to choose from but if I am going to take it up the rear from a cable company I feel I should at least have the right to pick who's bitch I am going to be.

I started this blog a few months back and had every intention of continuing it and posting regularly, but I got into a fight with Crapcast and my services were disconnected due to some choice words that were said.  I have made amends with my conscience and have come to a compromise; use my neighbors WiFi and pay them.  I happen to have a very nice Android phone but its internet just isn't the same so I have bowed under pressure to get it back.

So here I am and stay sexy San Diego

Saturday, August 20, 2011


  Growing up in Northern Ontario didn't lend itself well to being a Bruins fan.  Hockey is part of life and has been for nearly 20 some odd years.  Although I learned to skate when i was 3 years old, I didn't pay much attention to hockey until I was 9 years old.  To my family and the community at large, hockey is to us as football is to Texas; its a way of life, not just a sport.

  I need to credit my friend Roger for getting me into hockey and up until this year, despise him for turning me into a Bruins fan.  I was never able to watch any live games unless they played the Leafs or Les Canadiens, and internet was not around so I wasn't able to feed my habit all that often. fast forward 11 years and as fate would have it I move to Mass and find myself able to watch all the Bruins misery I can handle.  Until redemption.  My beloved Bruins took home Lord Stanley.  The party's were great and it was an awesome journey through the playoffs with all of my friends.  The 2012 season will be starting in a little more than a month and I cannot wait to see the boys back at it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

New Beginings

The intro, the hook, the reason you stopped by.  Not sure if this will qualify but here it is nonetheless.  The opening post to my new blog.   I attempted one a few years back and lost interest in the social media world quite quickly and found it hard to keep up with.  Time changes many things and however minor the changes may be they are there.  I look forward to having a place to share my experiences, triumph's, failures and general what have you's.  I hope everyone finds this place interesting and I encourage all to make return visits and bring along your friends.  This is a place to talk freely, to have an opinion and have it count for something.  I think this is going to be fun.  Hockey season is quickly approaching as the summer has taken its turn towards fall and that means plenty of Bruins talk as well as the start of football season.  Pull up a chair, sit back, relax, grab a beer and let the good times roll.